” Eve’s dislike for the tree doesn’t make it any harder for her to eat its fruit. “

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I think the mind’s a nice place to be

a man an woman listening to a story

The Knowledge Effect 3: Don’t Fall for the Storyteller

There are diverse effects of knowledge — as we’ve seen in the first two parts of this series. Now we..

young person feeling regret

The Painful Feelings that accompany Repentance and Rededication

Deciding to repent or change for good can be a thing of joy. But sometimes repentance can be hard on..

Car making a chase at night

You can’t chase what you Cannot See: Harnessing Life’s Organs of Sight

One major reason a lot of people are limited in life, can’t make full use of their gifts and talents,..

A woman's head above water

Keep Your Head Above Water: 7 Lessons for Dream Chasers

On your way up, life is a constant struggle. But if your dreams must become a reality, you can’t lose..

A woman in a garden

The Knowledge Effect 2: The Garden of Eden

We’ll use the story of a man and his lovely wife in the famous Garden of Eden to explore the..

Successful family -- Man, woman and child

What, really, is Success?

Are you feeling left out? Does it look like you’ve failed? Does it seem like you made a mistake that..

” The Average humans being’s biggest problems is her state of mind “


Nature: Calm, Peaceful, lovely, nonjudgemental….