My name is Ekemini Robert, creator of Clurse.com. Welcome!

Clurse.com was born out of my need to share my thoughts and discoveries with you. I could have ignored it but if you ever hang out in your brain, you’ll know how difficult ignoring those thoughts can be. In fact, over time, I decided to start seeing thinking as a hobby. I just can’t help it and it’s never boring.

When I look at the world and the way humans behave I see patterns and connections. I started Clurse.com as an outlet for my views since most folks at Facebook find it hard to read more than two sentences.

Here, I publish ideas about life, relationships, and the things that go on in between. I’m not a life expert. But there are truths about life you simply can’t ignore and when I find them, I have to share them. I hope you find them interesting and useful.

Welcome to Clurse.com. Set your mind free. Come, let us reason together.

I’m open to comments and suggestions. Feel free to comment on any post or send me an email using the contact form on the contact us page.

Thank you for visiting Clurse. Love you!