Great Quotes from What, really, is Success?

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Great Quotes from what really is success?

value and success

You have to get to a point where you can offer value in exchange for profit. Otherwise, you will never find success.

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be yourself

Stop trying to be a photocopy. Become the best (YOU) this world will ever know or see in the space you find yourself. Photocopies end up nowhere.


Greatness is not for ‘normal’ people.

learning and success

Learning may embarass you once. But not learning at all
will embarass you all your life.

look up to someone

You can never become the person you look up to. You can only be like them.

Read the full article: WHAT, REALLY, IS SUCCESS?

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There is nobody on the planet that can better your uniqueness.

Read the full article: WHAT, REALLY, IS SUCCESS?

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Hi, I'm Ekemini Robert. Spending time in my mind has become a part of me. And beautiful things emerge from that space every now and then. This is where I share everything, from helpful life tips to crazy discoveries about the mind. Come, let us reason together.

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