Keep Your Head Above Water: 7 Lessons for Dream Chasers

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On your way up, life is a constant struggle. But if your dreams must become a reality, you can’t lose yourself to struggle. You can’t afford to rest too long because you risk sinking; you risk bringing down the little you have built; you risk losing all you have acquired along the way. Here is how I learned to keep my head above water as I headed for the shores.

Just like a swimmer headed for the shores you never stop swinging those aspiring arms. And you don’t stop fighting with the waves too. Because you know if stop fighting, they won’t just stir you into the wrong path, they also have the power to destroy you completely. That’s how it is when we are chasing our dreams.

It’s never easy, waking up every day to see the life you want only in your head and on paper. You are yet to make your dreams a reality. But somehow you know one day you are going to have it so you keep fighting for it every day.

We all have dreams. Sometimes you have to do more work on the dreams. Other times you’ll have to do as much work on yourself as you do on the dreams. Because you know that if you lose yourself, the dream goes along with it.

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Lessons for dream chasers

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Many times you would love to reach out for help, but you get so little because you are the only one in that space who understands what you need to do to get where you want to be. Other times you are scared a well-meaning individual or group of people who happen to know about your aspirations may try to force it too much and end up disfiguring things in the process.

But with all these going on, the most important thing would always be to keep your dreams alive until they come to pass. It is to be able to keep your head above water while you head for the shores. It is being able to keep the dream alive in your mind and to have your feet on the ground. That’s what the focus is on. Because if you lose yourself, you lose everything.

Like Martin Luther King, Jr. you have a dream. It may be a dream to have something, do something, or become something. Sometimes it’s big, other times it’s small, and still, there are times when it’s just weird. If it were common it wouldn’t be a dream. Your ability to create and imagine has given birth to something that at the time only you can see. There is something that makes you chase it: The fact that it is real to you. And it is so real because you can see it.

(I’m talking about good dreams here. Not the dream of turning an abusive boyfriend into an angel. It’s your dream though, you are free to have it while you can still live through the punches.) Don’t take that personally. I don’t have any reason to support abuse and I don’t think I’ll ever have one. Away from that now.

Life is great when you have others who are there to make these things happen. But what happens when you are the only one who thinks it is possible? What happens when nobody else seems to understand?

The fact is that sometimes they are right to oppose you, but not completely right. Sometimes there are just too many variables and you are not sure what to keep and what to lose, lest you let go of your dream alongside. Every dreamer knows the feeling. The wait could kill. While waiting for dreams to come true, I learned a lot of things in the process. Here are a few ideas on how to keep your head above water while striving for the best. (Note: These have not been written in any particular order of importance.)

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The problem of the place

This is like the biggest problem you may face while working for a change. It is hard to keep out the influence of the environment. The irony is that sometimes these influences teach us what we know and force us to aim for bigger things. But it will also be the thing that destroys you if you allow it.

I used to beat myself up for some things. I didn’t know why I went through these things; why I had to face certain problems. But along the way, I realised some things are bound to keep happening as long as you remain in a certain place. (This was the reality of where I was, it wasn’t destiny.) But I needed to know that reality to keep myself from being surprised when certain things happened. And most importantly, to keep myself from overreacting when they happened.

While you live with a certain group of people in a certain kind of environment, some things will always happen. Some of us live where we are not supposed to. Some work where they are not meant to. Some live in a country where the government is bent on frustrating the citizens so they can manipulate the unsuspecting and pressurized masses with gifts and bags of rice. Some stay among people who only see impossibilities. What is the condition of your ‘place?’ This is not to be used as an excuse; it is to take out the effects of surprises and over-excited responses. When you realise the condition of the place you are in, you will learn more about your environment and your status and how to react when certain things happen.

And it’s not always about money or resources. The same place where you feel discomfort may be very okay for some other person. It is not because you have more and they have less. You may even have the same things. But whenever you see something bigger or different, you are bound to feel discomfort, and the future you begins to pull at the present you.

As you work towards a new life, you need to understand that there are some places you don’t need to be. There are times where you need to change the environment otherwise along the way you will bury your dreams. There are places you can’t be if your dreams must come true. There are friendships you can’t have if you are to keep working hard on your dreams. Learn to understand the possibilities of the place you are at the moment; learn how to respond to situations and people around you.

Sometimes you can’t leave (right away) because, based on certain factors, it would be a bad decision. But then you know there is a better destination. While you try to make sure you don’t do something very wrong at your current destination, remember to keep the forces in that space from ruining you. Learn to keep your head above water.

So what is your current condition? Where are you now and where do you hope to be? Are you still at your dad’s or mom’s? Are you still working for someone when you have plans to do your own thing? Are you working on something other people think is impossible? Are you trying to break a record? Are you raising funds, writing a book, starting a company, or working on an idea? If you don’t want it to die, you’ll have to learn to keep your head up, above the waters of opposition, discomfort, hatred, and the likes. Yes, you have to start small. You have to learn. You are going to struggle. But even though you need to start small, if you keep your head under water, you will get lost in the smallness. If you allow yourself, you may get used to the small things. You’ll begin to accept the impossibilities. Then before you know it, you are seventy-something, the same old story. Because you allowed yourself to drown. While you aim for the best, learn to keep your head above water or you may lose it.

I can’t pick rules for you. I can’t pick a particular set of dos and don’ts. In life, it’s hard to find identical conditions in two different lives and destinies. So I’ll refrain from setting rules here. But as you go through this knowledgeable article you will learn a lot about keeping your head above water. You’ll get ideas you can apply, think about, and tweak to keep your dreams alive in your own unique situation.

Refine Your Expectations

To keep yourself from taking an action that kills your dream along the way, you have to keep your emotions in check. Some who couldn’t keep their emotions in check have done something that got them cursed; some have severed relationships they would regret; some have made decisions that set them back. You could end up making the wrong choice if you do not keep your emotions in check.

One way to ensure a healthy emotional condition is to refine your expectations. I’ve learned that you have to be realistic at times. Some of the things we get frustrated at are just reality. Being realistic is not the same as letting go of your dreams because someone thinks it is impossible. But it may mean postponing a certain aspect of it or changing an approach or plan.

Many times I’ve found myself frustrated at things that are just meant to be. Remember you are not where you need to be and you are working for a change. While you find yourself in that space, some things will surely happen. If you expect them to happen, you can react properly. Why? Because you know it is temporary and you could even find better ways of dealing with it while you keep up. While you hope to get a job so you can support the family, realise that your spouse may sometimes say things you won’t want to hear. Though they may be wrong in the approach, you need to realise they are human and their frustration at your condition has prompted them to react or say those things. You will learn not to think of them as someone who hates you but a human being who has feelings and is frustrated in that condition. Then you can learn to respond properly while you work for the change you want to see.

A lot of people go crazy when a superior suddenly cuts their time in half; when the owner of the house walks in on a project; when they have to attend to a family member. You need to learn that this is just part of the process. This is the current you and you’ll have to be patient and endure, while you work towards your dreams.

It’s difficult to see and know what you should do to achieve your dreams but then you keep postponing and delaying things because of your boss, mother, sister, or husband. There are people you can keep out of your life so you can face your dreams squarely. On the other hand, there are other ones you are stuck with whether you like it or not. Again even when you are stuck with some people (whether permanently or temporarily) there will be times when you’ll need to attend to them. Some of us get frustrated because they delay or set us back. Some do or say unthinkable things. Some of us neglect family in the process. Refine your expectations, baby. I know the wait could kill. But you have to learn to be patient. Refine your expectations. Keep a level head so you don’t make silly decisions.

Sometimes you’ll need to postpone or delay things to be with your family. (It’s always easier than it sounds. I’ve been there and I know how it feels. But that’s just it.)

You may have to postpone what you are doing to attend to your boss. Deep down you know you would do more; you’d be better if you had more time. But the reality is that you are there now and things will most times not happen as you want because someone is bound to call you and ruin a perfect plan.

They don’t quite get it (yet)

For me, one of the things that used to trigger wrong reactions was my frustration at people who knew me at the time. I always expected better treatment – more care and understanding – from them. But I couldn’t get it at the time.

Who are you frustrated at, dreamer? Is it your mom, husband, a friend? Try not to be too disappointed. They just don’t get it. What we see affects how we behave or react. Don’t expect them to meet your mental expectations because, at present, they just don’t get it.

It’s okay to teach them, encourage them, push them. But don’t get frustrated. Don’t frown at your loved ones. They’ll get it when the time is right. It’s hard to believe what you don’t see or understand.

One of these days I learned something. I realised that in a way, I have been expecting people to relate with the future me. While a good part of me is preparing for the future, my present condition is what most people will react to. For me I’m reading books, thinking big, reading patterns, attending seminars, and all that. I am in a way, living in my future. But my loved ones are still seeing a common guy. While I subconsciously want them to react to that “future,” they are naturally reacting to what they see (presently). The compassion, time, respect, affection, resources they gave me was for the person they saw – the present me. But subconsciously, I was expecting them to treat me as the future me. That was the problem with my expectations at the time. It took me a while to figure it out. I lived in that frustration with some of my loved ones for a long time until I got the understanding. Once I got it, it changed the way I saw things.

But then you still have to be careful. Because if you are careless, anyone can kill your dreams – even your loved ones.

Be realistic but don’t be stupid

Realise when people are taking advantage of your commitment. Some of the things people call you up to do are just a waste of time, either because it isn’t necessary or because they are indecisive, or because they just don’t want to do it on their own. Being there for friends is not leaving your projects to attend parties. A real friend will hate you for missing the party but will love you even more for working on your dreams.

This is important: While you seek to keep your relationships alive you have to learn how to respond to situations and how to get more time. Are there things you can teach someone else to do? Are there tasks you can automate? Learn more about everyone. Be there for people but never allow them to feel you have nothing important to do with your time. These things are easier than they sound but over time, you will learn the best way to do them.

Refine your expectations. Some things will take longer than anticipated. If there is no good way to hasten a process without messing things up or reducing the quality of the final product, then you must learn to be patient and allow them to happen as they should. Do all you can to speed things up but realise when you are about to ruin good things because you are impatient.

Refine your expectations, dreamer. You can’t be in the water and not get wet. Nevertheless, you need to know that there is a big difference between getting wet and drowning.

Realise when you are about to lose everything

Do you remember how we talked about being realistic in the last session? We also learned you can’t become slack because you want to be realistic. You’ve got to see when you are about to lose everything.

It’s like having to stay just below the surface of the water while swimming. In those moments you’ll have to hold your breath. But you can’t hold it till you are dead. Once you sense you are about to lose it, you find your way to the surface and get your breath back. For some reason, you went under, but where you want to be is above the surface.

Something similar happens to us dreamers. There are things we do because we feel we can handle the pressure. Maybe because we think it’s just temporary. But along the way, you begin to get lost. You find yourself changing. You know you can be better. You make plans to get it together but they just won’t come together. Here you are practically watching yourself lose a part of your character that’s needed to achieve the dreams in the big picture. WAKE UP, DREAMER! WAKE UP! You are about to lose everything.

Losing everything may be as simple as losing just one or two things. It may be your ability to read. It could be your prayer life. It could be your faith. It could be a skillset or thinking pattern that’s vital to your success. These are the kind of things you can’t put on the line for anybody or thing. You have to realise when you are about to lose them, and do whatever it takes to have them.

I’ve heard people say I used to write. I used to read. I used to sense this or that. But along the way, they lost that precious ability. And that was the end of the bright future they always dreamed about. Realise when you about to lose it, dreamer. Because that one thing may just be everything.

For me, I can’t give up reading and praying for anything on the planet. Everything other thing depends on those two. I need the right kind of information upstairs to think or come up with ideas and I can’t have them if I don’t read. So for me, when I find myself losing any of those, it’s always a big deal. And I do whatever I can to get it back ASAP. Whatever it is that may be making me to lose any of those is not important enough. It doesn’t matter whether it is a human being or a thing. A good person wouldn’t even want me to lose my “superpowers.” These are things you don’t leave to chance. When you have to make a decision for your future, make them promptly keeping the big picture in view.

You may have a good reason to give up on your dreams, people may have good reasons for you to lose yourself, and they may look good at present. But know this: years after, when you look back and realise you could have been a person of impact in your generation but you couldn’t, you ended up a nobody because you had to sacrifice your gifts on the altar of whatever it was at the time, you will find it hard to forgive yourself.

Learn to check up on yourself. Realise when you are about to lose everything and get things back in order ASAP.

Learn to return to base

This is one of the most important things you’ll have to learn – the ability to touch down and remind yourself of the journey, who you are, and what you need for the journey.

We can’t take away environmental influences. Life will always threaten up to pack. People will always have some kind of negative influence on us no matter how much we try to stay away from bad company. The life on the streets, the things we hear at work, the pressures of life try to cause us to shift. But if you know how to return to base, you will keep going in the right direction.

You will know what decisions to make when you need to make one. Most importantly you will be able to keep your head above water and head for the shores, in the right direction towards your dreams.

It’s about being able to do those things that keep you in the know. Things that keep you fired up. Those activities that help you think properly: that make you able to make the right decisions. It’s about being able to return to things that keep you creative. That’s what I mean by returning to base.

Bad influences come in all forms and we may even pick them up without knowing. Being able to return to base will keep us from losing ourselves. It keeps us in check.

Some of the activities that can help us in this regard are praying, reading, keeping the right company, and listening to the right people. These are the things you do to keep yourself focused, strong, and thinking properly. These are the things you do to have a functioning and creative state of mind.

Even the people you follow on social media are very important. They can help you focus on the right things. Moreover, whatever you focus on, begins to expand. If you focus on small things, impossibilities, you will see more of them and your actions will begin to follow suit. If you focus on big things, like writing a book, breaking a record, making an impact, performing in front of millions, building a company, you will see more of that and even ways to do what you are thinking about. That positive space is just where you need to be and you can help yourself remain there by finding time to pray, read, and listen to the right people.

We live in a very ‘noisy’ generation. Anything that does not align with our purpose is noise. Everything around us can be a distraction. We are exposed to more information in this generation than at any other time in human existence. If your dream must survive and become a reality, you have to keep yourself from bad influences by keeping yourself in the right space.

Things you have around you can be a source of inspiration when you least expect. I know a few times when I get refreshed just by looking through the picture quotes on my phone. Sometimes a person I’m following just goes live and after listening to them for about five minutes, my faith is back up.

What if I didn’t follow them? I possibly would have continued down the wrong path only to realise when it’s too late. Other times a great person I love happens to break another record. Having those things around me has helped me so many times. They help me to see that these things are possible and they give me more strength to work on my dreams.

Other times you have to consciously read, pray, and listen to good things. I recommend you do one or more of these every day. It is a good way to keep your mind alive, focused, and working towards those great dreams your creative mind has allowed you to see. The same things that expose you to noise – things like computers, books, people – can also connect you to the things you need to become great. Make sure you fill your computing devices with good things, read the best books, listen to impactful men, and be sure to keep the right kind of people in your world.

Keep the Big picture in Focus

Don’t ever take your eyes off the big picture. If you must make your way to the shore successfully, you’ll need to have a picture of where you are headed. This helps in so many ways. It can help you understand your current position and it will also take your mind off distractions and impossibilities.

Many years back when I was a kid, a friend asked me to accompany him to his aunt’s house. I agreed, and we started trekking. I didn’t know how far we had to walk. After walking for while I began to feel uneasy. I told him “This place seems far. I thought you said it wasn’t that far.” I told him I didn’t want to go anywhere far. But my friend was older and crafty. Every time I complained, he would point me towards a building or landmark. He would calmly say to me “Have you seen that building over there, my aunt’s house is just somewhere around there.” Immediately I stopped complaining and started thinking of a way to get to the building – because I could see it. I could see where I was headed. The structure wasn’t close but because I could see it, I somehow knew I could get there. As a kid I wasn’t even thinking about how long it would take for me to get there, since I could see it, I just knew that passing one building at a time, I would eventually get to the building my friend pointed me to. Vision is so powerful that it has the ability to draw you towards it.

Eventually, we got to the building and my friend’s aunt’s place wasn’t anywhere close. But like I mentioned, my friend was crafty. When we got to the building I asked him, “where is your aunt’s house?” He would quickly point to something else, this time, at a distance shorter than the first. “Have you seen that antenna over there? My aunt’s house is very close to it.” I wasn’t pleased, because he lied to me. But I also wanted to meet the target. I always thought, “if I can get to that antenna, then that would be it.” He kept changing the target while reducing the distance it took to reach each of them. For instance, the distance between us and the building was shorter than the distance between us and the antenna.

He had me locked in. I couldn’t turn back for two reasons. Firstly, I had trekked for so long and I felt it would be a waste to turn back after coming that far. But the second reason was always more powerful: it was the target my friend pointed me to each time. It narrowed my focus and I always wanted to reach it. Target after target we kept shortening the distance until we got to his aunt’s place.

It’s tempting to give up and sink when you are unable to see the shore because you’ve had your head buried in the waters of life. Many people give in because they can’t see how beautiful and rewarding the destination is. You need to have your eyes firmly fixed on that picture. You need to find a way to stay connected to your dreams.

Whether it is a dream, a vision, an idea, a record we want to break, a target in business or life, we always have a kind of picture in our imaginations. Find a way to keep the picture.

As a teenager many years ago I had an idea about making training videos for kids using the curriculum employed in most primary schools at the time. It was inspired by a television program I used to see in those days.

But I ignored it because I had nothing to start. No money or studio or recording device. So I left it and forgot about it. A few years later, similar videos were everywhere. It taught me a lesson.

Now, whenever I have an idea I write them down. I have a book where I write down my ideas, dreams, and visions. They are ever so fresh. Whenever I open that book I find them clearly written and the picture is ever so clear and fresh in my head. Since they are there, as I go through life, I get more ideas on how to bring them to pass.

(Written by Ekemini Robert. First published on Continue reading below)

Keep your ideas before you

Make sure you have that big idea penned. Put it on a vision board. Write them in a book so it doesn’t get stolen. You could even buy an item and place it in your home or office to remind you of your big dreams.

Once you have an idea, do things every day to get you closer to your big idea. Start making smaller achievements that get you closer to it. 

I would have given up on accompanying my friend to his aunt’s place if he didn’t reduce the journey to smaller targets. You can do that with your big idea. You can start with smaller achievements. Get more money; more skills. Find great minds to mingle with. Start smaller firms while you work on the big company. Set smaller goals and achieve them. Some steps are going to be bigger than others. But one thing is sure, each step, each goal, each job, each achievement, each skill, gets you closer to your target.

The beauty of the destination distracts me from the pain of the journey.

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Work towards Control

Know this: if you are not in control, anything can happen at any time. If you’ve got big dreams, you have to be in control of your life. You have to be a big influence.

A lot of things hang in the balance when you are not in control. What happens if the person who used to give you money suddenly changes his mind? What if your source of income wants you to do some nasty things? If you are not in control, anything can happen to ruin your ideas.

If you’re living in a country like mine, the power company can decide to hold back electricity for days without saying a word to the customers. Businesses that control their own electricity by owning power generating sets are never affected by such occurrences – they are the ones in control of their electricity.

Some people you work for may be those who have no understanding or have refused to have respect for your time. There are people you live with or work for and you can’t have plans for yourself. They control you in a wicked way. You don’t matter in any way. What matters is what they want. It’s difficult for dreams to succeed under such circumstances. You may even give up due to frustration. This is why you need to work towards control all the days of your life. Work towards owning your company; running your business; living in your house; being an influence or powerful voice.

Choose your partner carefully

You must also learn to discern someone who will support you when you marry them. Why discern? Because if you ask them they will promise you heaven and earth. But deep down, they know they are narcissists, politicians, or not just cut out for big things. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll get married to the wrong person and that will be the end of your dreams. Suddenly you are 50 and you realise, “Oh” I never owned that company I always thought of. “I didn’t finish school.” “I never rose to that level in my career.” All because you fell into the wrong hands. Don’t make this mistake. Choose your spouse prayerfully and wisely. Love is not always right.

Things that put you in control

If big dreams must come to pass, you have to be in control of a lot of things. Sometimes the amount of money you have determines how much control you have at times. When you have the money (or resources, as the case may be) you determine what to fight for and how you fight for it. Lack has caused many to lose their lives fighting for material things. (I’m not saying lack is the primary cause. I’m not also saying you can’t fight for your right because you have money. Please read with understanding.) For instance, I can’t wait in a queue for 5,000 if I know how to use that time to make 50,000. I can’t get killed fighting over a house in the village if I know how to get my own land and build my house. I can’t agree to marry a dream-killing man if I have enough money to take care of myself and enough knowledge to make the right decision.

Wisdom and resources are the things that put you in control. If you have big dreams you have to start working towards control. Here are a few things that can give you control over your life and destiny.

1) God

If you are not carrying the Spirit of Jesus Christ you are not really in control. Remember that if you know your God you will be strong and you will do exploits. Any man who carries the Spirit and favour of God is a man in control. You can declare what you want to see and have them. At other times, a simple prayer can change a lot of things and put you in control of the situation. While you chase your dreams, put God first.

2) Wisdom and Knowledge

If you want to have control, you have to read. You need to gather as much knowledge as you can about life; about the business you are doing. The more you know, the better your decisions. You won’t be able to take steps if you are scared of making decisions. A lot of people allowed wrong things in their lives because they are indecisive.

You can’t make plans and set goals if you have nothing in your head. And in this world, as the Bible rightly puts it, a fool is a slave to the wise. (Provers 11:29 KJV) If you do not know, people will use you. And you can’t know everything in one day. It’s the small additions you make daily. It’s the number of books you read through the weeks and months that make up your knowledge bank. And based on what you know you can make the right decisions. You can decide what to accept or reject in your life because you know what works and what doesn’t.

The 21st-century slave is not the one with fetters on his wrists; he’s the one with chains on the mind.

3) Resources

To be in control you also need money and resources. There’s a good reason a lot of entrepreneurs want to control as many areas of life and business as possible. They want to be the ones producing their raw materials. It gives them more control over the cost of production and the selling price of the produced item. It also makes the company and business model more secure.

If you have big dreams, you need a similar approach to life. Because the more you depend on external sources, the riskier it gets. People can decide to change their minds at any time and put an end to something that has taken you years to build. Some may make demands you’ll never be comfortable with. This is not what you would want.

If you’ve got big dreams, while you work towards them, do what you can to get as much money and resources as possible.

Try to reduce your dependency on external sources for resources. Carefully choose the places you go to for help.

Be careful with people who don’t have respect for your time or pay you too little for your time. Choose your sources of help wisely.

Some people will give you a plate of soup then come back to ask for your birthright in return. Some will help you but take your dignity and sense of self in return, and these are things you can’t buy with any amount of money in the world.

If your dreams must come true learn to work towards control. When you are in control you can keep your head above water, this allows you to see clearly and make the right decisions.

A corrupt government will always make life hard for the people. They only give the people things that cannot get them out of struggle. They can decide to send some incentives now and then but they never do the things that put the people out of hardship. The government says there is no money but just before elections, money, bags of rice, t-shirts, and wrappers will all come out.

They will never protect the rights of the citizens; they don’t make good roads; you can’t get constant electricity; no security; even education is a constant struggle. These things would give the citizens a good life. When they have a good life, they cannot be manipulated by the government to support corrupt individuals without purpose and vision.

This is why anyone with dreams must learn to work for their own money and resources. Anyone with big dreams must work towards control. This way, you can aim as high as you want and you can avoid manipulations from shrewd helpers. Dreamer, keep your head above water!

If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl, but by all means, keep moving. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Learn to rest and play a little

You have a dream and you are doing all you can to make that dream a reality. It’s tempting to get stuck in the routine when you are stressed. Every day you’ll find yourself trying to meet a target. It is easy to get caught up in all of that. Suddenly, you no longer have time for fun. It could get so bad that you lose contact with all your friends.

You need to find time to have some fun. Work will never finish. You will always find something else you need to do.

Learn to pack up and go home. Don’t lose your family because of work. You must pay the price if you have to get to the top but I don’t think your family should be part of that price.

Apart from keeping your relationships, you need to give yourself some rest. Learn to ease the pressure.

Emotions, pressure, frustration, can have a negative influence on your thoughts and the way you see things. Creators and thinkers, especially, need time to cool off. If you don’t, you will start creating under pressure – at those times where your mind has lost strength and your brain is not as sharp as it should be. In that state of mind, you can’t think well and you won’t see things clearly.

There are times when you need to push yourself but there are certain occasions where pushing yourself will lead to mistakes and the creation of substandard products.

Be patient enough to take some time off, get rid of the tension, get your strength back, then come back stronger. It doesn’t always have to be a one-month break. You can use a few minutes or an hour for fun.

Find time to watch a good movie or play sports. Make time for exercise too. Exercise is good for the body. It keeps you strong and can increase your focus.

Learn to ease the pressure so you don’t fall into a bad pattern of behaviour – so you don’t fall into normalcy. Pressure has forced many people to lose sight of their dreams and succumb to mere survival. Frustration can make you take actions you find yourself regretting later. So learn to cool off. Don’t miss the chance to make a good joke or laugh at one.

Learn to rest. Make time for fun. You need it and trust me, every dreamer deserves to have some fun.


It doesn’t matter how big that dream may be, you can make it a reality. But you will need to learn to stay strong and work at it until it becomes a reality.

We can compare chasing a dream to swimming. Every dreamer must learn to keep her head above the waters of frustration, distractions, disappointments, wrong behavioural patterns, disbelief, and other dream killers out there.

With your head above water, you can always see the shore and the obstacles you need to avoid to get to it. A clear vision is needed if you must achieve your dreams. The beauty of the destination distracts us from the pains of the journey. Vision is a powerful thing. 

I’ve seen many dreamers end up nowhere. It’s mostly because they lost something vital along the way. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. I’ve also seen many dreamers break records and become a blessing to the world. That’s’ how it has to be.

I believe that if you can KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER, you can make your dreams a reality. See you at the top!


Ekemini Robert

Hi, I'm Ekemini Robert. Spending time in my mind has become a part of me. And beautiful things emerge from that space every now and then. This is where I share everything, from helpful life tips to crazy discoveries about the mind. Come, let us reason together.

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