Quotes from Key Decisions You’ll Make If You Must Succeed in Life

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4 key decision to make in life

4 Key Decisions You Need To Get Right If You Must Succeed In Life.

Choice and consequence

Realise that it doesn’t matter who made the choice for you, in the end you will be the one to live with the consequences of that decision.

Decision and future

When you make a selection, you are not just choosing the present condition – whether good or bad – of that man, woman, thing, or place. You are also choosing their future as well.

Choosing the People in your life

You have to deliberately choose the people in your life. Also, be conscious about how much access they have and how much information they can get about you.

Decide first

You don’t wait to have the resources before you make a decision, you must decide to have or get the resources otherwise you may never get them.

Take a glance into the future

A little glance into the future could just be what you need to make the right choice.

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Indecision and humility

Indecision and humility are two different things.

Leaving important decisions to others

More often than not leaving important decisions in life to parents, spouses, bosses, chance, ends up in failure and frustration.

Young People and decisions

Success in life will depend largely on how good your youthful life was.

Recognise value

Value attracts value. Value recognises value.


Friends look out for each other; they forgive each other; sacrifice for themselves; can’t bear to see the other person in pain; are not blinded by love and they bluntly say the truth about any subject – they say it without putting the other down; they never give up on themselves.

LIfe story lead character

You are the lead character in the story of your life so you should have a say on how the script is written.

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